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OHCA Learning Community

In fall of 2018, the Michigan Medicine Departments of Emergency Medicine and Learning Health Sciences collaborated with SaveMiHeart and local EMS agencies to establish an OHCA learning community comprised of stakeholders of the chain of survival in Washtenaw and Livingston Counties. The OHCA Learning Community meets quarterly at alternating locations in Livingston and Washtenaw Counties. Workgroups meet regularly in between the larger Learning Community meetings.

The OHCA Learning Community aims to accelerate the shared identification of priority areas for investigation and to facilitate more rapid implementation of innovative interventions to reduce OHCA response time and increase OHCA survival in the region.


Rapid treatment is critical to improve survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) and is directly affected by bystanders’ abilities to immediately diagnose cardiac arrest, call 911, and provide early CPR and/or Automated External Defibrillation (AED).

Given the complexity of this system of care, we chose to use a learning health system (LHS) approach to reduce time-to-first-treatment for OHCA. In a LHS, a community of diverse stakeholders embark on continuous, data-driven learning to improve best practices and health outcomes.

Karen Grams, who shared her survival story a the Livingston County meeting in October 2018, poses with her husband, Bobby Grams, and team members who helped save her life.
Survivor Courtney Reid, her daughter and her cardiologist Brahmajee Nallamothu, MD, MPH reunite at the Washtenaw County meeting in October 2018 where Courtney shared her story.

Join us! Contact LHS-OHCA-Info@umich.edu.