October 2021 - Deliberative Dialogues Part 3

Two meetings, one task

We held two versions of this meeting, one in the morning and the other in the late afternoon.

  • We heard a summary of the work that was done at the earlier Deliberative Dialogues meetings in March and June.

  • We heard a summary of the findings from the Community Engagement workshops held in September.

    • Knowledge in the community:

      • There is a lack of general awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest in the community.

      • There are concerns about intervening, something going wrong, and then being sued.

      • There are concerns about the cost of CPR classes as well as actually doing CPR

    • Suggestions about how to raise awareness:

      • Make flyers and video testimonials

      • Go to common gathering spaces such as community centers, hair salons/barbershops, libraries, recreation centers, senior centers, schools, churches

      • Get the word out via social media

      • Host community information sessions and provide refreshments

  • We broke into small groups and discussed the following topics:

    • How to raise awareness and provide knowledge about what to do as a bystander in the event of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, especially those that occur in homes

    • How to provide access to additional resources, including information that dispels common myths about barriers to bystander response

    • How to raise general awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

  • When the groups reconvened, there was a call to action and an invitation to get further involved.