April 2021 - Deliberative Dialogues

At the April 13 Learning Community meeting, we heard presentations from:

  • Dr. Robert Neumar, Chair, Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Michigan Medical Center

  • Amanda Missel, a post-doctoral fellow working in the Department of Learning Health Sciences, University of Michigan

  • Kiara Landin, a Community CPR Manager with the American Heart Association

  • Ron Slagell, President and CEO of Huron Valley Ambulance

The presentations included:

  • An overview of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest

  • A look at the question: According to the data, what have we learned over the last year about out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?

  • A consideration of the issue of which audiences has the AHA prioritized for raising awareness of the OHCA system of care

  • A reflection on the common challenges that occur on the field for cardiac arrest and looked at the gaps

In the second part of the meeting, participants broke into small groups and considered questions in the following scenario:

As a member of the OHCA Learning Community, and an advocate for improving outcomes of out of hospital cardiac arrest, you are being asked to develop a community awareness campaign that you might help launch!

  • One of the first steps in developing such campaigns is identifying the audience you think needs to hear your key messages.

  • Another step is to consider how best to reach that audience.