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A new study finds that survival rates increase when first responders in police and fire departments intervene in out-of-hospital cardiac arrests. However, the paper published in Resuscitation suggests these non-medical first responders are likely underutilized as lifesaving resources.

Black and Hispanic children are less likely to receive bystander CPR than white children, according to a new study. The research, published Circulation, focused on settings outside a hospital, before emergency medical services arrive to help. Past studies show racial disparities in adult out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, but less was known about how children 17 and under fare.

Black and Hispanic individuals who experience a witnessed cardiac arrest at home or in public are substantially less likely than white individuals to receive CPR from a bystander, according to a study presented at the American College of Cardiology’s 71st Annual Scientific Session. Researchers found these individuals were 41% less likely to receive CPR when suffering cardiac arrest in public and 26% less likely to receive CPR when the cardiac arrest occurred at home.

This statement summarizes specific policy suggestions and identifies the knowledge gaps for future research. Continued evolution of our approach to public-access defibrillation with increased early CPR, rhythm detection, and defibrillation will improve cardiac safety in our communities and ultimately increase survival after OHCA.

This is a recent study by Michigan State University researchers, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association

This is a study out of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy

An interesting study out of Japan, published in the British Medical Journal for the British Cardiovascular Society

Certified 2018-2019 Washtenaw County MI HEARTSafe schools

Ann Arbor School District

  • Angell Elementary

  • Burns Park Elementary

  • Clague Middle School

  • Forsythe Middle School

  • Logan Elementary School

  • Wines Elementary School

  • Christian Montessori School of Ann Arbor

Chelsea School District

  • Chelsea High School

  • Beach Middle School

  • North Creek Elementary School

  • South Meadows Elementary

The following Washtenaw county schools renewed certifications as MI HEARTSafe schools.

  • Huron High School

  • Pioneer High School

  • Skyline High School

  • Greenhill School

In Livingston county, the schools listed below are already certified as MI HEARTSafe Schools.

  • Hawkins Elementary

  • Scranton Middle School

  • Spencer Elementary

  • Maltby Intermediate School

  • Hornung Elementary

  • Farms Intermediate School

  • Brighton High School

  • Scranton Middle School

  • Creekside Elementary School

  • Lakes Elementary School

  • Hartland Middle School at Ore Creek

  • Round Elementary Schooi

  • Village Elementary School

Next year’s application will open in January 2020. If you are interested in attending a free educational workshop to learn how to coordinate the program in your school, register for the December event here. For complete program information, please view the MI HEARTSafe School program website.