December 2021

Looking Back, Looking Around, Looking Forward

Looking Back

We had an energizing meeting in which we looked back at where we started and revisited some of the stories we’ve heard and the processes we’ve started. We celebrated the survivor stories we've heard. We talked about the research that has been done by the grant from the American Heart Association.

We acknowledged the tremendous work of Emilee Coulter-Thompson, who helped guide this group through the formative period and who has taken a position with the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation group in the University.

Looking Around

We then looked at the work of the past year in which we created a plan for the future and looked forward to the public awareness campaign that will be launched in June 2022. We heard a very moving story from Jane Wilhelm and her partner, Paul James, in which she spoke about her cardiac arrest and subsequent recovery.

Looking Forward

We then talked about some strategies for encouraging people to create safety plans for their homes in case of cardiac arrest (that list is here).

Also, please note that this was my last meeting with this group as my job is changing within the department to a student services role. It has been invigorating and exciting to be associated with all of you, and I will miss these meetings. (Liz Rodriguiz)